Important Notice
From Monday, July 1st, 2024, tax refund requests cannot be accepted to items purchased using shareholder coupon.

Opening Hours

Every day
10:00 a.m. → 8:00 p.m.
※Operating hours subject to change.
※Closed: January 1

Information for Foreign Customers

You can have a 5% discount GUEST COUPON at Tax Refund Counter on the 2F.
Upon showing your passport, a GUEST COUPON will be issued.
Please present your GUEST COUPON at the cashier.
*This discount does not apply to certain items.

How to claim a consumption tax refund

We charge a Service fee of 1.55% of the pre-tax price of the taxed item that you are making a claim for. (Does not apply to purchases at MUJI (7F))

The Service fee is non-refundable and must be paid even if the purchased item is returned. Thank you for your understanding.

Eligibility for claim application
  • ①Non-resident foreign citizens with “Temporary Visitor,” “Diplomat,” or “Official” visa status who have been in Japan no longer than 6 months.
    (No proxy applications allowed)
  • ②Non-resident Japanese citizens who can provide documentary proof of residing outside of Japan continuously for at least 2 years. (No proxy applications allowed)
Application period
  • ●On the day that the item is purchased(during business hours)
Applicable items General goods Consumable goods
Goods other than consumable goods
(Clothes, bags, accessories, etc.)
Consumable goods
(Food, beverages (inc. alcoholic beverages), cosmetics, drugs, etc.)
Applicable amount Minimum purchase amount at the store on the same day 5,000yen (not including tax) Minimum / maximum purchase amount at the store on the same day Minimum 5,000yen and maximum 500,000yen (not including tax)
General goods and consumable goods can be combined.
When combining goods, conditions for consumable goods will apply to all goods.
Refund method
  • ●Cash
  • ●Smartphone settlement(Wechat Alipay)
  • ●Credit Card (in the cardholder’s name)
<Accepted Cards>
Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, UnionPay
Packaging Not specified Packaged as specified by the government.
Do not open the packaging until you are out of Japan.
If you consume the item inside Japan, you will be charged the consumption tax.
When combining general items and consumable items, both types of items will be treated as consumable items.
Documents to present
  • ●Purchased goods
  • ●Receipt of the purchased item
  • ●Passport of the person applying for refund
    (copies are not accepted; a relevant entry stamp must be presented)
    • * Diplomats are required to present a "DS card"
    • * Crew members are required to present a "Crew Member's Landing Permit"
    • * Non-resident Japanese citizens must provide proof of residing outside of Japan for at least 2 years.(proof of residency or copy of Supplementary Family Register)
  • ●The credit card used to purchase the item (if applicable)
    • * The cardholder name must be the same as that of the passport holder
    • * Corporate cards ( inclouding the pointcard)
  • ●2F Tax Refund Counter
  • ●7F MUJI in-store registers (for MUJI purchases only)

In-store Services

-- Free Wi-Fi Connecting Service

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store.
SSID: wifihhdept
* Not available in all locations, with limited connectivity in some places depending on the time and situation. Thank you for your understanding.
• Free Wi-Fi service is available to all customers.
• Registration of an e-mail address, etc. is required.
• Up to three 60-minute connections are permitted per day.
• To ensure universal connectivity, WEP and other security measures are not enforced. Please keep this in mind when using the service.

Click here for details on how to use the service.

Cards accepted

Smartphone Settlement Service

Overseas Customer's VIP Club

The Overseas Customers’ VIP Card shall be limited to individuals, who purchase a total amount of 1 million JPY of goods(before tax) within a year, and who complete tax refund for those goods.

Membership Privileges

・7% off purchases for Silver Card Members
・Upgrade a Silver Card to a Gold Card to get 10% off of purchases when your total purchases exceed 5 million JPY(before tax).
* Some items exempted

Participating stores

Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store
Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store
Hankyu Men's Osaka
Hankyu Men's Tokyo
Hakata Hankyu